Sunday, March 29, 2009

Job well done

Today I tackled my gardening and chores. My hands, hamstrings and back are screaming!

Dad who is still in remission from Lymphoma has been diagnosed with a chronic spinal condition that might require surgery. Although not cancer it has effected him and I have realised how much he has aged in the last couple of years. He turns 70 next year and losing his brother a couple of months ago has frightened him as well.

He still loves his consulting work and although "retired" he loves spending time in the office and being approached to work with particular clients. In many ways this is his time and it has been selfish and lazy of me to rely on him to do my odd jobs around the house.

Maybe I lacked confidence in tackling jobs around the house, but seriously what is the worse that can happen?

I stained my deck chairs and deck mindfully. I focussed and relaxed as I stretched to trim my lawn with clippers (I don't have a lawnmower). I basked in the sunshine and enjoyed the sea breeze as I pruned my kangaroo paws (plants). I watered in a responsible fashion using a watering can and water from the sink. I raked the leaves in awe of the autumnal colours and realised how fast this year has gone.

The garden is such a joy for the soul and it rewards you for all your hardwork instantly.

What better way to spend a mild Sunday afternoon than working in the garden listening to lawnmowers, children playing footy in the street and the background buzz of a busy suburb?

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