Monday, March 9, 2009

Awful beginning.....beautiful day....

So this morning I was woken by my 5 year old before 6am telling me there was a dead mouse downstairs. Stumbling downstairs with my tigher than ever achilles and sleep head I was greeted at the bottom of the stairs by a very dead 20 cm long mouse (or RAT). Harry the cat had done his job over night which is the positive. Being woken to it at that time in the morning made it impossible for me to see any positives.

Anyway after noticing that the dog I am minding had dug another two holes in my lawn I decided it was time to try and revive my rather dead patch of greenery and headed to the local nursery, one of my favourite places! In between the squeals (such a wonderful sound) of my 5 yr old who loved going in search for the bird baths and other squeal (spelling) worthy objects, we managed to purchase the grass seed and a selection of flowering stuff (chosen by the 5 yr old).

What a delightful day it has turned into. The sound of giggles as she plays with her friend, searching the park for bits of tree (I like the way they look when they have been out in the weather, she likes seeds and other odd things to go in her nature bowl) and searching the local organic shop for good stuff for the environment and real looking fruit and vegetables.

I had an apithany (spelling) yesterday that I feel good when I am doing something good for the environment. So in keeping with making every moment great, I plan to do more of the things that make me feel good (common sense really). Today's new "good thing to do for the environment" is putting a bucket in the sink and collecting the water I use daily, while washing hands and dishes. I have to say I am astounded by the amount of water I would normally wash down the sink.

I also feel good when I surround myself with things I like the look, touch, smell and colour of. Hence the collecting of twigs and seeds. I do sound a little eccentric! I use them to make wind mobiles with shells. The 5 year old's cubby is adorned by them.

I haven't loaded my daily photo but have taken some of the 5 yr old planting her seaside daisy outside. I wonder what other surprises and experiences today will hold. Living mindfully is a tough assignment for someone who is a typical Type A personality and extreme organiser and list maker!

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