Saturday, March 14, 2009


So I didn't enlighten the world with my thoughts yesterday - wasn't feeling inspired or creative I suppose.

As I sit here this morning with the 5 yr old pretending to be a hairdresser (on me) and watch the sun turn to storm outside I can reflect on my day yesterday which was full from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. Full of chores, conversation, work and me time. It was the perfect balance of me and non me time! At the time I felt a bit overwelmed by all I had to do. At the time I was annoyed that my phone kept ringing. At the time I was aggitated and felt time poor.

In hindsight I got most of the work I had to do, so that is good. A new friend rang a couple of times to organise stuff which is so much more therapeutic than an email or facebook posting, which is how I tend to communicate with friends due to time constraints. I found the time to meditate and the 5 yr old had a good day at school and a great swimming lesson. I also enjoyed a glass of wine while listening to the 5 yr old chatting to our neighbours and even saw the news!

My sticks are my photo from yesterday. I love the fact that I have influenced my daughter to take more notice of the world around her. She is constantly bringing me seeds and sticks and shells asking me if they are beautiful and insisting we bring them home. She has a nature bowl outside (it was inside until I realised that we were sometimes bringing home more than just the sticks and bits) and it is full.

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