Sunday, March 8, 2009

A start

So here I am with a blog. Not being the techno type I really didn't know what one was but when my folks started talking about a blog they were reading I thought it was time to investigate. It seemed the like the perfect place to start this journey.

This year is my year. In the turmoil that is the world we live in I have found myslef lost and without focus. Step one in this process was enroling in a meditation course. This has been life changing and allowed me to focus and calm the constant chatter in my head. It is also teaching me to be more in the now, appreciating what I have now, and not focusing on what I don't have.

My blog will be a daily reminder of all that is good in my life. I read recently about a lady who took a photo a day for a whole year to remind herself how wonderful her life was. I think this is a great idea. She is artistically inclined and the photos are gorgeous but it is something I am going to try. She plans on copying the document for both of her children, another lovely idea.

Last night I signed up to receive some newletters and updates from some lovely sites and I hope to learn more about alternate methods of relaxation, personal appreciation and appreciation of the world around me. From leaves to sand to seeds to rocks to birds to trees to water. So I begin.

Today's photos - the beauty outside my own front door. I walk past these things everyday without noticing the colour, texture, beauty right in front of me.

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