Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dancing in the dark..

So on Friday night I had my first school function - a bush dance! I was dreading it! I am not really sure why - maybe it was the whole idea of a late night out with a 5 yr old who normally goes to bed at 6.30pm or the trepidation with which I approach a new and different social experience, possibly magnified as I am a sole parent and don't have the buffer of a partner to stick with in social situations.

Luckily I am blessed with the gift of the gab (funnily the 5 yr old does too) and found it quite easy to blend in - or maybe that was the charddy! Either way I was surprised to find myself enjoying the whole experience. From the bush dancing to chasing the kids around the dark playground.

The smile on my daughters face was priceless and the sound of the her laughter joyous!

We stayed to the very end and I will not be so skeptical about attending the next school function. Being apart of a community feeds the soul through friendships, conversation, play, laughter and pride. I felt proud to be apart of my daughter's school community and enjoyed the laughter and conversation over a drink with some new friends.

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