Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sick, sick, Spring!

I never get sick (touch wood). Seriously, I left my recent place of work with over 60 sick leave days accrued. So why is it as soon as I no longer have to report to work I come down with some awful bug. A bug that has left me coughing and now cold like for over 10 days! Yes I probably should have gone to the doctor, I did try and make an appointment on Friday and they were SHUT!

Sleep deprived, lacking in energy, fuzzy headed, short tempered I find my self on auto pilot as I plod through the days.

As the days have grown warmer this week and the flowers blooming I am striving to get out and enjoy my time outside the offce enviroment. I am longing to feel like myself again - full of energy and enthusiasm.

On my to do list this afternoon is to put together some wholesome nutritious meals for the week ahead. Fresh vegetables and grains hopefully will cleanse my body and mind and help me to start the week with renewed optimism and vigour!

Monday, September 7, 2009

So what now....

Now the dust has settled on my tumultuous couple of weeks I am left wondering what next.

My dad starts chemo in hospital this week - mum will be looking after him and because his immune system will be shot none of us will we won't see him for the next little bit.

I have updated my resume. Registered with some recruitment agencies. Applied for a couple of jobs. Started networking and getting the word out that I am looking for work.

Now what?

I have gone from having very little free time to all of a sudden having time. I seem to get less done the more time I have. One of my friends suggested I put together a weekly schedule to make sure I get things done and create a new routine for myself. Probably a good idea.

I find myself in the strange limbo land. Waiting for my dad to get better. Constantly watching my bank balance to make sure I don't run out money. Searching for a fabulous part time job. Applying for that fabulous part time job. Waiting to hear if I get the fabulous part time job.

I don't do waiting and uncertainty very well. I will meditate more and try and relax and go with the flow.....