Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Tuesday....

So was feeling a little gloomy this morning. Two dead mice this morning - good for you Harry!

On autopilot, had the 5 year old at school on time. Had a couple of uninspiring chats with some mums. Everyone seemed a little flat. Maybe it was the long weekend? Me I think it is the challenges of running my own business, the challenges of being a sole parent and having a part time job I am not really fond of. PMS might have something to do with it to.

Rather than loath in self pity, taking on board mindfulness I headed to the shopping centre to stock up on buckets to collect my "grey" water and put petrol in the car. Better to be ticking things off my to do list.

Home and meditated for 20 mins emerging feeling more energised and a little more focussed. Another coffee and some work for the business. Money is a bit tight so am juggling a few bills at the moment - not sure how the ATO will feel when our BAS is late!

Another important me thing to do is to try and squeeze in some exercise. So just back from a 45 min walk, listening to some new and daggy music - got to love FAME! Walking route took me around the school (no I don't stalk my daughter everyday!) and saw the cherub in her sport class! Made me smile!

Also lifting my spirits is the greenery that surround the metro area I live. Amongst golf courses it sometimes feels like we are in the middle of the bush with the large gum trees and their lovely Australian aroma. This morning I saw the biggest Magnolia tree I think I have ever seen - the flower must have been the size of a dinner plate and brilliant white.

So having successfull ticked a lot of my list today I will ride out the PMT and spend some time reading in the sun and enjoying the serenity. Might surf the net for some other inspiring sites and blogs.

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