Friday, July 3, 2009

Over the last few months I have been applying for new jobs. Looking for part time work is extremely hard and I really wasn’t prepared for the rejection that comes when you are not successful.

Having found something in the paper or online that sparks a bit of interest and ticks most of my boxes I sit down and spend time putting together what I think is a good example of why I would be suitable for the position , only to not hear back (ever) or receive an email telling me that unfortunately on this occasion I have been unsuccessful.

I would like to think that I am worthy of a little more than an email. I would like to think that my application had some sort of impact on the audience and that in itself would warrant at least an interview or call? Who am kidding – what I really want is my perfect job to be handed to me on a platter with the exact salary I want with the exact conditions I want.

I have been working with my lovely personal coach Kate who is helping me to identify my key skills and reinvigorate confidence in my own abilities, that I seem to have lost. Maybe when I rediscover this belief in myself I will start applying for the right jobs and putting together applications that shout why I would be perfect!


  1. Well - at least you get an email after they have read your application. The worest is when they send that automated email, straight after you have submitted, saying if you don't hear from them, you didn't get short listed!

  2. Yes that is not a very nice way to treat someone who may have spent some time putting together a really great application! No I am not bitter and twisted at all!