Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hard work

My sister and I run a small children's wear business. The last 3 years have taught me a lot about hard work, my sister and our relationship and trust.

While not all these lessons have been enjoyable there have been some wonderful moments including travelling to France on a regular basis and seeing the support our family and friends have willingly provided.

Today was one of those nice moments. While my sister has frustrated me with her work ethic of late, today we had a full day of productive and rewarding hard physical work. We managed to remain focussed and achieved all and more of our objectives while enjoying each others company and even having a giggle or two, oh and a nice lunch out!

It is with a great sense of achievement (and sore hands) that I sit down tonight to enjoy a rewarding coffee and relax.

Tomorrow I will think about all the end of financial year stuff I need to get done.

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