Sunday, May 24, 2009

A hidden gem

I love it when I find a hidden treasure - today we visited a lovely sculpture park just behind Frankston. Hidden on a main road is a delightful, tranquil, artistic oasis. We roamed the tracks in the bush finding carefully placed works of art that elicited squeals of excitement from my 5 year old, Lucy.
I can't take the credit for finding this gem (, a friend of mine from Seddon told me all about it. She travelled from her side of town last weekend and raved about her experience. I found the visit a wonderfully energising experience. The day was mild, the sun shining, the trees and sculptures reflected on the mirror like surface of the duck pond and the unique pieces of art sparked excitement in Lucy. Seeing my 5 year old appreciating, touching, noticing, commenting and responding to the art was wonderful.
I had forgotten how art fed my creative nature. How I love; feeling the different textures, noticing the warmth or coolness of the different materials, observing how the piece of art sits in it's environment and the way a piece of art makes me feel. I will continue to seek out art that is a tonic for my soul and hopefully I will pass this appreciation on to Lucy.
The lovely Kate James has nominated me for a Blog award - quite baffling as I am not sure if my ramblings are that interesting. I will take a little time to put together my list of 7 things that make me Awe-Summm and my 7 favourite blogs and respond to the nomination. I also thank Kate (my meditation teacher) who opened my eyes to not only meditation but triggered my quest to explore the idea of wellness and happiness.

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