Thursday, May 14, 2009

Aaaarrggghhhhhhh....finding time

Time - where does it go? Why can't I seem to motivate myself to manage it better. I used to list it as one of my strengths, but somewhere along the way I seem to have lost the ability or will to be productive.

It is stressing me out a bit that I don't seem to be able to "manage" all aspects of my life at the moment. I need to get better at doing the work stuff that has to be done when I can do it rather than waiting till the last minute.

How can I motivate myself to get the less enjoyable aspects of work off my to do list and in doing so de-stressing myself!

Why is it I will spend half an hour on facebook and not balancing the bank statements in MYOB? (ok that is an obvious one). Why is it I will sit and write on my blog rather than attending to the mountain of paperwork on my desk at the moment. At 37 I would have thought I would be more conscientious than when I was younger - but it doesn't seem to be the case. I seem to be going backwards.

Somewhere along the way I have lost interest in my work life (apart from the social interaction). I lack career ambition and really, really don't know what I want to be when I "grow up". This lack of clarity is impacting all areas of my life.

Reading, researching, talking and exploring alternate options are high on my to do list. With lots of scenarios up in the air at the moment hopefully I will find a "solution" soon.

Until then I will plod along, doing what I have to do to pay the bills and keep the business running, and at least enjoying the wonderful things in my life at the moment; the lovely Lucy, interaction with our new school friends, hanging out with friends, gardening, listening to music, going to the beach and collecting shells and sticks, enjoying a latte, reading and watching the leaves autumnal showcase.


  1. It took me until I was 37 to work out what I wanted to do when I grew up Kate. And it was worth the wait. Hopefully the clarity will come soon but in the meantime, it's lovely to hear about the things you enjoy.

    I've just given you a blogging award for being such an awesome blogger...drop by my blog and join the celebration!

  2. I am not sure I am that awesome a blogger, but I will continue to give it a go. It has proven to be enjoyable and I have found some great blogs with beautiful stories, design and details that I have found really interesting. Best yet reading their blogs inspires me and makes me feel good. You are included in that list......well I turn 38 this year so hopefully a light globe will go off soon!