Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Positivity & Change

I loved this exercise from Kate at Spiritual Business.

Sourced from the Spiritual Business website:
Daily Ritual: 5 August 2009
27 things about you

Write a list of 27 things you would like to change in your life and what you would like to replace them with.

Stress- Peace
Disappointment- Hope
Scarcity- Abundance and so on.

This way you are moving 27 things inside yourself and by the end of the list you will be vibrating at a higher level. Open to possibilities and open to change.

I loved the idea of taking something I perceived as a negative and thinking about how it could become a positive. The glass is half full rather than half empty view on the world really uplifts me and allows me to see what is possible.

Too often I think, we are bombarded by friends, peers, colleagues and the media with negative and depressing information. Drama, bitchiness, crisis and tragedies or near tragedies are part of our daily environment. Too often the good and inspirational stories just don't make it into our conversations or news!

By openly thinking about the things I would like to change about myself gives me a good starting point for that change.

Here are some of my 27 things that I would like to change about me and what I would like to replace them with:

No time - more time to enjoy life
Stress - calm
Clutter - organisation
Frustration - acceptance
Tiredness - endless energy and vitality
Migraine - overall wellness
Sweet tooth - balance and moderation
Sensitive - strength
Emotional - perspective

Noise - serenity


  1. Hello, I'm loving your great blog -your posts are really interesting so thanks very much for sharing them. Pictures are really good too !

    Happy weekend,

  2. Thanks for you lovely comments Elise. I am constantly surprised that people find what I have to say in my ramblings interesting! But then again I find other peoples blogs about the simplest of things interesting to read so I shouldn't be that surprised! Thanks again!