Friday, April 10, 2009

What I love...

I did some exercises yesterday as part of a book I am reading and reviewing for work (Spiritual Business). I had to list 40 things I love......I started slowly but was surprised once I started, how easily lovely and wonderful things filled my mind...the purpose of the exercise it to remind ourselves of the things we like rather than always focusing on those we don't.

On my list were; the smell of cut grass, the beach, my daughters laughter, my home, shells, warm weather, flowers, the colour green, chocolate, olive oil soap, lavender, candles, Christmas, coffee out or at home, smell of the ocean, rock pools, nature, jasmine, good food (a bit too much), things that please my senses, Barwon Heads, bushwalking (not that I get to do much of it), essential oils (orange and lemon burning at the moment), a cold crisp charddy,......the list went on.

It was an enjoyable and worthwile exercise and supported my quest this year to take each day at a slower pace and to appreciate the moments a little more.


  1. I love all of the things that you love too Kate. My favourite essential oil is mandarin and I prefer a pinot grigio to a chardy but otherwise I'm one hundred percent with you!

    I'd add to my list beautiful writing, music, the first swim in the ocean in summer and the first fire in winter, a deep and meaningful conversation with one of my oldest girlfriends and nearly anything my husband cooks (not that he's any great chef but a night off is heaven).

  2. Yes I had music too. Having done music for VCE and Uni is something I love - from Mozart to Pink!

    Must try Madarin oil, haven't seen it!